royal-pains-spoilers-quotes-fight-flightGood TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA. Last week a new episode aired, called Fight or Flight in which A woman has trouble relaxing after moving to the Hamptons for a less-stressful life. But Hank soon suspects there’s a medical explanation for her woes. Elsewhere, Evan learns why Paige won’t spend the night.

The biggest question spoiler from Royal Pains is: Are Hank and Jill getting back together?

Best Quotes from Royal Pains – S02E17 Fight or Flight

Hank: Miss Walsh, your friend is dead

Ms Walsh: I probably don´t look the same without my Blackberry in my face

Ms Walsh: Don´t tell me you are afraid of flying in small planes
Hank: I´m not afraid of flying in small planes. I´m afraid of crashing in small planes. But thank you

Marissa: I´m pregnant. You are going to be a parent
Boris: I see

Paige: There´s something I need to tell you… I snore

Ms Walsh: I´m trying to start a business here. My life depends on it
Divya: Your life depends on your health

Paige: Music, candles, a humidifier. Romantic!

Divya: Go to London… it´ll be fine

Hank: I was thinking oh yeah, maybe this is what they call ER Burned

Evan: Paige, I love you… big time
Paige: I love you too
Evan: Thank God

Evan: I never get to know the good stuff

Evan: Marissa is not moving out
Hank: No, I guess we are

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