Ok, Today in Twitter I started reading a lot of RIP Johnny Depp tweets, and of course, my eye got caught.

According to some sources Johnny Depp passed away after a fatal car crash.

But, as always, fact checking is important. And we can dismiss those rumours since they all link to an old hoax link, dated 2004, and we all know Johnny Depp´s been pretty busy this few years.

So, fans, don´t you worry, Johnny Depp is alive and well.

Why is it that these kind of rumours go around like that?

Update: E! Online just confirmed what I was saying:

Let´s see what they said:

The sexiest man alive is still, thankfully, alive.

In yet another example of the Interweb gone terribly wrong, Johnny Depp was faux-killed in France after a car crash late Saturday, sending bloggers into a fact-finding tizzy, and fans tweeting “RIP Johnny Depp” right into a Twitter trending topic.

E! News has confirmed that Depp is alive and well, and was not involved in an accident of any kind.

“He isn’t dead,” Depp’s rep, Robin Baum, told E! News. “He’s fine.”

The Golden Globe winner has been linked to several death rumors in the past, the most recent elaborate hoax using images of a hodgepodge of wrecked vehicles, and even a fake CNN website confirming the news.

At least he’s in good company. Over the past year, fellow stars including Taylor Lautner, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus, and countless others have found themselves the recipient of an untimely passing announcement.

Now you´re happy and believe me? Johnny Depp is alive and well.