zach braff is alive zach braff is not deadFolks at Mashable posted the news to dismiss the rumours about Zach Braff being dead that were huge on Twitter yesterday.

Television and film star Zach Braff, is not dead, despite the ongoing rumors to the contrary that circulated via Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

Apparently prankster Chris Laganella (who has since apologized), thought a web page spoof that he created back in 2007 about Braff being dead would go unnoticed by all but his friends.

Yesterday, quite the opposite happened, and the Twittersphere randomly blew up with tweets that recirculated the rumor to trending status for most of the day. The rumor made such an online stir that Braff himself took to YouTube to create a hilarious video confirming that he is, in fact, alive.

Zach Braff opens the video saying, “I’m alive.” He then goes on to poke fun at his own sitcom, Scrubs, laughs at the fact that his “I’m alive” post didn’t get that many likes on Facebook, and also humorously draws attention to the glaring inaccuracies of the celebrity death rumor. In one of his funnier quips, Braff refutes the claim that he was found dead in a 32,000 square foot estate by saying, “Look, I’m not Oprah, that’s a big ass house.”

All in all the video is quite hysterical. We especially like the douchebag of the day award Braff doles out to Laganella at the 1:45 mark. But, we won’t spoil the whole video for you, check it out for yourself below.

And to give out some evidence, Zach Braff himself on his Facebook page posted this “Zach Braff not dead video

Also, douche of the day prankster posted this apology:


Now before you all come after me with your torches and pitchforks, let me tell you a little story, about how this page came to be.

Wayyy back in 2007, I copied CNN’s webpage and changed some text and some pictures to reflect an apparent Zach Braff suicide. This wasn’t a publicity stunt, it wasn’t a plea for hits, or to promote anything else. It was just to fool some of my friends. We’re really big Scrubs fans and really big Zach Braff fans. I made this page to fool them, called them to my computer, and showed them to get their reaction. I obviously told them it was a joke afterwards, but I neglected to take the page down.

Apparently, something clicked with someone on the internet today. I saw my bandwidth for ran out earlier, so I increased it and looked at my traffic. I saw all the hits to braff.html, and started researching. This was the second largest trending topic on Twitter along with tons of links on Facebook. I had people like Perez Hilton and even an ABC spokesperson commenting on this. The final straw to the whole thing was when Zach Braff himself made a comment about the whole situation (calling me a douchebag in this video).

So let’s just clear some stuff up. I did not make this page to intentionally fool everyone on the internet. I didn’t expect it to even be made public. Ever. I’m sorry if I scared everyone out there.

Zach, sorry if you got offended by me posting a fake suicide about you on the internet. Your 32,000 square foot house would be pretty empty without you. Thanks for (apparently) taking it lightly, since I haven’t gotten a letter about a lawsuit yet. Just so you know, I’m a huge fan; that’s the only reason I made this page, believe it or not. Also, sorry for upsetting your mother 🙁

Well deserved award of douche of the day!

Give your love to Zach Braff on his Facebook page also.