bon-jovi-death-dead-alive-hoaxOk, Today in Twitter I started reading a lot of RIP Bon Jovi tweets, and of course, my eye got caught.

According to some links on internet Bon Jovi passed away and there were some rumours about it on the Internet.

But, as always, fact checking is important. And we can be confident those are just rumours since Bon Jovi´s death is just another hoax. Maybe the last of 2011.

A website called “dailynewbloginternational (I won´t give a link to a hoaxer, sorry)” posted the story claiming that Bon Jovi was dead on Monday.

The story had changed some words and details from a note about Michael Jackson´s passing away, falsely reporting that Bon Jovi died in New Jersey during a world tour. But some of the sentences appeared to have been copied from the Times story on Jackson’s death that ran on L.A.

Why do hoaxes about celebrity deaths keep on coming? At least he’s in good company. Over the past year, fellow stars including hoax deaths of Johnny DeppTaylor Lautner, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus, Morgan Freeman, Avril Lavigne and countless others have found themselves the recipient of an untimely passing announcement.

As usual, these hoaxes are a problem, and we need to check the sources. After all, Bon Jovi is alive, not dead, and at worst may be dealing with some Bad Medicine (pun intended).

Are you glad to know that Bon Jovi is alive and well? Let me know in the comments section. And tell me how would you deal with these hoaxes?

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Update: NJ.Com goes beyond.

But on Monday night, Jon Bon Jovi disproved rumors of his death at the Hope Concert at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. The rock star, who was the latest high-profile entertainer to be prematurely buried by pranksters on the Internet, looked and sounded fit as he sang a jazzy version of “The Letter” by the Box Tops, the J. Geils Band stomper “House Party” alongside Southside Johnny, and Bon Jovi hits “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” and “Born to Follow.”. Backed by longtime sideman Bobby Bandiera — the evening’s musical director — and the 14-piece Jersey Shore Rock-N-Soul Revue, Bon Jovi ended the two-hour benefit concert with a flourish.