sands-mexico-web-seriesIt´s so refreshing to watch a web series like Sands of Mexico.
The story is about two couples who visit a Mexican Villa to celebrate graduation from college. And as the official desciption puts it Sometimes the most beautiful places contain the darkest secrets.

One of the main things about Web Series is that they need to be fast, and to the point, and generally they are two to five minutes . Sands of Mexico takes it time. Has a credits scene, a presentation, and beautiful cinematography.
The location is superb too.
That´s a big plus that gives Samantha Hatch, series director the chance to develop the story without having to rush.

More than a web series I saw Sands of Mexico as a film in six parts. With very beautiful scenery and very well filmed and directed.
The actors are a little subpar to the rest of the web series quality, but they can hold their ground ok.

It will take you only one hour to watch Sands of Mexico, and it´s a good way to fall in love with the Web Series format.

You can watch Sands of Mexico at the official site , join the Facebook group, follow on Twitter or even book a stay at the Villa. (A clever way to finance the series, I might add).

Mark this Name: Samantha Hatch. You´ll soon hear her more and more. And Sands of Mexico is a taste of things to come.

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