James Sawyer FordOne of the classic things about Lost is the comic relief given by Sawyer´s Nicknames.

The Sort-of-outlaw character portrayed by Josh Holloway is especially talented for the Nickname calling.

In this case, we´ll review how he usually calls Dr. Jack Shephard, his nemesis, aside from Doc.

  • Cowboy: Jack wants Sawyer to give him Shannon‘s inhalers. Sawyer won’t and Jack punches him. “Well, it’s about time, cowboy.” ( Ep: 1×8, Confidence Man)
  • Chico: Jack will stop Sayid from torturing Sawyer if Sawyer hands over the inhalers. “Stop what, chico?” ( Ep: 1×8, Confidence Man)
  • Dr. Quinn: Sawyer wonders why Jack is coming around, when no one else will. “How’d I score the house call, Dr. Quinn?” ( Ep: 1×9, Solitary)
  • Dr. Do Right: Sawyer finds Sayid alone, when Sayid is just back from walking the island and is hurt. Sayid asks what Sawyer wants. “Dr. Do-Right doesn’t trust me with his antibiotics so I have to hump it up here everyday just to get my meds.” ( Ep: 1×11, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)
  • Brother: Sawyer and Jack talk about Kate wanting Jack to get the Marshal’s case. “But however she talked you into doing this, she lied, brother.” ( Ep: 1×12, Whatever the Case May Be)
  • Hoss: Jack hands Sawyer a gun. “Where’d you get the hardware, Hoss?” (Ep: 1×15, Homecoming).
  • Jacko: While talking to Kate, Sawyer sees Jack and Ana-Lucia come out of the jungle. “I guess that’s why old Jacko and Ana-Lulu didn’t ask me to join their revolution.” (Ep: 2×13, The Long Con)
  • Amarillo Slim: Jack comes upon a poker game. “Hey, Amarillo Slim — you think because you watch poker on TV you can tussle with the big boys?” (Ep: 2×17, Lockdown)
  • Cool Hand: During a poker game. “Well, you’re in trouble now, Cool Hand.” (Ep: 2×17, Lockdown)
  • Dr. Giggles: Sawyer and Kate see Jack approach. “Oh happy day, here comes Dr. Giggles.” (Ep: 2×18, Dave)
  • Sundance: Sawyer and Jack get to the Orchid. “So, what’s the plan, Sundance?” (Ep: 4×13, There’s No Place Like Home Part 2)

Would you like to give it a try at how Sawyer would call you? Check out the Sawyer´s Nickname Generator.

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