shadow-on-the-wall-parvati-tyler-book-reviewThis book was written by Parvati K Tyler for Fighting Monkey Press and is the first part of the Sanstorm Chronicles, a cycle that starts with this book. The book is readable in itself, since the story has a proper ending of the storylines without needing to read the second book, that will probably continue the same storytelling, but attack some new storylines too.

This book has all the “best seller elements” and turns out to be quite easy to read. Ever since the beginning there´s a mystery that engages the reader, by finding a character in an unorthodox situtation, totally clueless. That catches one´s attention almost immediately.
On a different note, the book has lots of cultural descriptions that, to occidental readers can be at times ungraspable and foreign.
Among the issues on the book we can note several themes: power abuse, religious intollerance, gender violence and corruption, even though there´s always a message of hope underlying, sometimes so subtly that could be easily overlooked.
There´s a glossary in the end that is both something good and bad in itself. It´s good because it helps you understand more, but also goes against the reading flow. Maybe footnotes was a better option.
When finishing the book, even though the reality is different from ours, there´s a sense of universality, since power wars, corruption, intolerance and violence are a widespread disease.

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