sharknado-ghost-shark-syfyTonight you can follow and tweet along with @SyfyMovies when a doubleheader of Sharknado and Ghost Shark at 9/8 C.

The back to back Shark-a-vaganza features Sharknado, the Twitter phenomenon film that features a supersized storm that sucks sharks from the ocean and hurls them onto land.
In the movie, regulars of a beachside bar including owner Fin (Ian Ziering,”Beverly Hills 90210″), bartender Nova (Casie Scerbo, “Make It Or Break It”) and local drunk George (John Heard, “Home Alone”) team up with Fin’s ex-wife April (Tara Reid, “Scrubs”) to investigate the ecological nightmare that has sharks swimming through the streets of Los Angeles and falling from the skies. Sharknado is a production of The Asylum.

After that, the new original movie Ghost Shark will premiere on Syfy, to make it a full night of Sharkness and B-class films at their best.

The hashtags will be #Sharknado and #GhostShark and will also be on a tweet along with Syfy official account @SyfyMovies.

You can also watch a teaser trailer from Ghost Writer here:

Here, just to remember, Sharknado Trailer

And, the Official Ghost Shark Trailer

Don´t miss the movies, and have a good time tweeting along!

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