fire-exclamation-markI started a Pinboard to honor one of the funniest shows ever, The IT Crowd (of course, the British version) which you can catch up on Netflix. But when doing it I realized some of the quotes weren´t quite going with the pictures, but could not let them go anyways. I needed to capture them. So I decided to put them here, and I will be adding more and more, so make sure you favorite this article and come back, since it is going to grow as I watch the whole series again. (I love my job!).

So, just a few to start this off:

Some of the Best random Quotes from The IT Crowd first season

Roy: Hello IT. Have you tried turning it off an on again? But are you sure it´s plugged in?

Moss: I can´t go to prison, Roy. They´ll rape the flip out of me.

Moss: I don´t think I´d flourish in a prison environment.

Moss: Dear Sir Stroke Madam, Fire, Exclamation Mark, Fire, Exclamation Mark. Help, Exclamation Mark.

Roy: I just spent the last hour thinking you are a disgusting tramp.

Roy: I was a perfect gentleman to her all night, but she can´t get past a little shit on my forehead.
Moss: I thought you said it was Chocolate.

Roy: She´ll tell everyone.
Moss: Oh, she´s a receptionist. She´d hardly gossip. Besides it´s a boring story.
Roy: Yeah, it´s boring. She´ll not tell anybody
Jen: (Laughing hysterically).
Moss: She might have told Jen.

Jen: There´s a Spider in my room Moss, can you handle it.
Moss: I am not so fond of them myself, Jen.

Roy: If my date from last night proves anything is that you ladies don´t want a nice guy.
Jen: If anything, it proves that we don´t like guys with poo in their heads… That´s our type.

Moss: If you were a murderer, what would your nickname be? Mine would be The Gardener, because I´d always leave a rose at the scene of the crime
Roy: What would be your murder weapon be?
Moss: A Hammer.

Roy: You do the whole Lonely Hearts thing?
Moss: I am a 32 years old IT man who works in a basement. Of course I do the whole Lonely Hearts thing.

Moss: Two eyes, that´s the best amount of eyes.

Jen: Haven´t you got it yet? That´s what I do: I lie, I lie, I lie and I lie.

The friendly song at Messy Joe´s is awesome!

Messy Joe´s Marichi Band:
Everyone is Having Having Fun, fun, fun
´Cause Everyting is Nice,
And Everyone is Friendly
Lots of Friendly faces having fun, fun, fun
Cause Everything is nice and Everyone is Friendly
Smile and the world will…

Roy: Don´t Google the question Moss!

Moss: Would I blow everyone´s mind if I ate my dessert first?

Roy: She treats me like I am a sexually obsessed trekkie.

Jen: So what happened?
Richmond: It´s actually quite a long story.
Jen: Really? Don´t worry then.

Jen: I hate dates, they should be called “Spend some time with a big fat loser”

Moss: Events seem to be taking a downward turn.

Jen: My throat hurts
Moss: It´s probably all that shouting.

Moss: I´m talking, aren´t I?

Jen: I don´t feel well.
Moss: Well, you look terrible. I´m still talking, aren´t I?

Jen: I have Aunt Irma visiting. It´s my term for my time on the month.
Roy: Oh.
Moss: What time of the month? The Weekend?
Jen: No
Moss: Does Aunt Irma visit on the weekend?
Jen: You know it´s high tide
Moss: But We are not on the coast
Jen: I´m closed for maintenance
Moss: closed for maintenance?
Roy: Moss
Jen: I´ve fallen to the comunists
Moss: Well, they do have some strong arguments
Roy: Carrie, Moss, first scene in Carrie
Moss: Oh ok. Yeah, yeah. No.
Jen: Yeah, people tell me I+m not that great during this time, so I thought I should warn you.

Moss: She´s a glamorous older woman
Roy: Oh the things you could learn from her
Moss: Or from any woman.

Roy: I feel delicate… and annoyed, and I think I´m ugly.

Roy: What would you say to a big girls night out?
Moss: Well, how big are the girls?

Roy: You really liked that movie?
Moss: Yes, didn´t you?
Roy: No! It was heartwarming!

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