halloween-programming-saturday-october-27-2012When we start the back part of October, you know it´s time for our televisions to become more spooky since it´s Halloween time. Doesn´t matter if the show is a documentary, a sitcom, a drama, or if it´s a movie showing. It´s all Halloween-y. So here I prepared a full list of the Halloween themed programming for Saturday October 27th, 2012.

You can also check out ABC Family´s 13 Nights of Halloween for more info.

Special Halloween Programming for Saturday October 27th 2012

  • ABC (11 – 11:30am): RECIPE REHAB “Pumpkin Bars”
  • ABC Family (7am – 2am): 13 Nights of Halloween (7am: HOOK; 10am: SCOOBY-DOO; Noon: SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED; 2pm: THE ADDAMS FAMILY; 4pm: ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES; 6pm: MONSTER HOUSE; 8pm: MONSTERS, INC.; 10pm: MONSTERS, INC.; Midnight: CORALINE)
  • AMC (6:30am – 5:45am): AMC Fearfest (6:30am: THE WAR OF THE WORLDS; 8:30am: TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE – THE MOVIE; 10:30am: THE FRIGHTENERS; 1pm: JEEPERS CREEPERS; 3pm: PREDATOR; 5:30pm: PREDATOR 2; 8pm: ALIEN V. PREDATOR;  10:15pm: PREDATOR; 12:45am: PREDATOR 2; 3:15am: MIMIC)
  • Animal Planet (11am – 7pm): THE HAUNTED Marathon
  • Antenna TV (5 – 9am): Frightful Flicks (5am: JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER; 7am: BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA)
  • bio (2 – 5pm): PARANORMAL STATE Marathon
  • bio (7 – 11pm; Midnight – 3am): CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES Marathon
  • Boomerang (9am): THE HALLOWEEN TREE
  • Cartoon Network (11:30 – Noon): LEVEL UP “Little HQ of Horrors”
  • Cartoon Network (2 – 4pm): Halloween- Themed Episodes (2pm: ADVENTURE TIME “The Creeps” & “From Bad to Worse”; 2:30pm: ANNOYING ORANGE “Welcome to My Fruitmare” & “Night of the Veggie Zombies”; 3pm: REGULAR SHOW “Terror Tales of the Park II” & “Terror Tales of the Park”)
  • Cartoon Network (5 – 6pm): SCARY GODMOTHER: THE REVENGE OF JIMMY
Visit TV Tango For the Complete list on this link and this link.

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