Tonight in a back to back Scrubs Night, we will watch two episodes of Scrubs.

zach_502 Scrubs Season 8 Episode 5 – My ABC and Scrubs Season 8 Episode 6 My Cookie Pants.

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 5 – My ABC

Featuring a special appearance from Sesame Workshop’s “Muppets”, J.D. learns a lesson about the gift of compassion, while Elliot gets scammed by intern Katie to secure a spot on Turk’s team.

Episode Stars:
Donald Faison (Dr. Christopher “Chris” Duncan Turk)
Sarah Chalke (Dr. Elliot Reid)
John C. McGinley (Dr. Percival “Perry” Cox)
Judy Reyes (Nurse Carla Espinosa)
Ken Jenkins (Dr. Robert “Bob” Kelso)
Neil Flynn (The Janitor)
Zach Braff (Dr. John Michael “J.D.” Dorian)

Episode Guest Star:
Kevin Clash (Elmo)
Eliza Coupe (Katie)
Betsy Beutler (Denise)
Julia Campbell (Mrs. Fremont)
Carroll Spinney (Oscar the Grouch)
Eric Jacobson (Grover)
Aziz Ansari (Ed)
David Goryl (Mr. Fremont)

Episode Writer:
Bill Lawrence

Episode Director:
Bill Lawrence

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 6 – My Cookie Pants

J.D. learns the hard way that not even Elmo can teach the gift of compassion to those who don’t care to learn (Sesame Workshop’s “Muppets” guest star).
Elliot and J.D. encounter a road block in their newfound romantic relationship, and Dr. Cox considers taking the now vacant Chief of Medicine post.

Episode Cast:
Sarah Chalke
Ken Jenkins
John C. McGinley
Donald Faison
Judy Reyes
Zach Braff
Neil Flynn

Episode Guest Stars:
Christa Miller
Robert Maschio
Eliza Coupe
Anthony Russell
Erin Kate Whitehead

Episode Director:
Gail Mancuso

Episode Producer:
Bill Lawrence

Episode Writer:
Clarence Livingston