human-target-spoilers-quotes-kill-bobHuman Target is a great action show, and this week came back with a new original episode. One called Kill Bob where Chance and the team protect a husband who thinks his wife is a Russian spy and out to kill him for classified defense secrets. Meanwhile, Ames has a secret of her own that she doesn’t want Chance to find out.

Therefore, it´s time for us to review the Best Quotes from Human Target.

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E11 – Kill Bob

Winston: One thing I don´t miss about being married is getting dragged down here every Sunday

Bob: What about my wife, aren´t you worried about her
Guerrero: More than you know

Bob: Did you see the assassin? What did he look like?
Chance: Looked a lot like your wife

Winston: You gotta do what you gotta do

Bob: Don´t kill me

Winston: See? That´s what happens when you marry someine you don´t know

Bob: I´m back
Chance: Go, go

Angie: What are you doing here? I said I could handle it
Ivan: You said it before. I´m here to make sure

Chance: Good news: Your wife loves you

Bob: Even if she wasn´t trying to kill me, she was trying to kill you
Chance: Exactly. She´s in love with you, not me
Ames: Awww

Ames: Ok, I´m here, what´s so important?
Ilsa: Sit

Guerrero: Dude, looks like Angie just shot Bob

Chance: Now I gotta go kill her
Bob: What? Did he say he was going to kill her?

Winston: I don´t suppose I can talk you out of this

Angie: I love you Bob
Bob: I love you too, Natalia

Winston: So I guess you are a love expert now

Guerrero: Ballsy, I like it

Guerrero: Any preference on your new names?

Ilsa: I don´t think you´ve ever been in love; and that makes all the difference

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