human-target-spoilers-quotes-the-trouble-with-harryHuman Target is a great action show, and this week came back with a new original episode. One called The Trouble with Harry where Chance is reunited with Harry when he is hired to protect the girlfriend of a rival security agency owner. Meanwhile, Ilsa must go into the field on a mission for the first time, and two team members get closer than ever.

Therefore, it´s time for us to review the Best Quotes from Human Target.

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E12 – The Trouble with Harry

Chance: You don´t wanna be around me right now

Chance: Harry listen to me, you need to leave this bar right now

Chance: Talk about the race or we´ll both die

Harry: Come on cars, go faster. Burn some rubber

Guerrero: It wouldn´t kill you to read a paper every once in a while

Ilsa: Can I take mister Guerrero for a minute
Winston: Please take him

Guerrero: I guess it would be best if we both forget about it

Ilsa: What are you insinuating
Guerrero: She was his mistress

Ames: What happens?
Winston: Nothing… what do you think it happens. Alarms, guards, everything. Try to catch up would you?

Chance: She pays the bills Harry, I don´t let her do anything

Harry: Are you kidding? You are the guy who didn´t make it?

Chance: If I move, I die. Breathe Harry

Harry: I´m not gonna leave. You´ve been there every single time I got a gun, or a missile, or even a woman pointing at my direction; I´m not gonna leave

Guerrero: This will render him moosh. Just for a little while; chatty, disoriented, incapable of conceiling the truth; essentially he´ll be Ames

Chance: There´s a reason why you never ever out an amateur on the driver´s seat

Ilsa: Are you inventing ghost stories just to scare me mister Guerrero?

Ilsa: Why are you telling me all this?
Guerrero: Because I like you. There´s still time to turn this car around

Ames: I´m saying she´s very friendly, if you know what I mean

Ilsa: We need a friend. A strong friend

Ilsa: A toast: Future Endeavors

Guerrero: Amateurs dude… told you

Chance: Ames, I know you mean well, but you are distracting me

Ilsa: Mister Guerrero I always admired your taste in clothes

Guerrero: I´ll give you this. For an amateur she has balls

Chance: I´m going to get Ilsa

Guerrero: Evidence to the contrary, at least one of us is a professional

Chance: Let´s go, come on
Ilsa: Sorry, were you talking to me?

Ilsa: I´m sorry I put all of us in this position

Chance: You´ll be fine
Ilsa: No I won´t. This is all my fault

Harry: I think you are off your game

Harry: I think your judgement is cloudy

Harry: Instead of concentrating on the job, you were worried about Ilsa

Harry: The reason you got caught is because you got feelings for your boss

Guerrero: Did you see an amateur do that?

Harry: Wo, wo, wo… you were Laverne?

Winston: Do you know anyone, anyone at all, less threatening than this guy?

Ames: I think Chance may have a crush on someone

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