starvival-web-series-reviewWeb Series is a growing format and a great vehicle to find new voices and talent. Here, at I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows. In this one, Starvival, Danielle, a vivacious young ‘Starving-Artist’ responds to the ‘oddest-ads-on-the-web’ in order to survive as she pursues her wildest dream of being a Hollywood Star. By going incognito, Starvival showcases the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the cut-throat industry to give the audience a real glimpse of what it takes to make an ‘unrealistic’ dream; reality.

Danielle Barker created, acts, writes and produces the web series Starvival. Talk about some multiple hats using!

Starvival is already on Episode 9 and counting and features some extras on the site, as well as you get to know more about Danielle.

Best Quotes from Starvival Web Series

Danielle: Yes, I am that desperate. My name is Danielle Barker and I´m a starting actor.

Danielle´s dad: Rational people like my dad would suggest a day job

Danielle: I did the gig and where am I? Still starving

Danielle: “$50 to get tickled for an hour? $25 to stand on a stranger’s face? $45 dollars to talk about eating midgets? ….Umm… Okay.”

Danielle: Didn´t make any money, but had the chance to play spin the bottle

Danielle: Victoria Nikitina is my Russian disguise name

You can go and catch up on the first season of Starvival. It only takes about an hour. Give it a try, it´s a good web series. After watching it, it hit me, There are some crazy dudes in Toronto!

And then subscribe to Starvival on Twitter or YouTube, so they let you know when the next season premieres.

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