In February I introduced you to an interesting quirky webseries from Canadian soon to be a star Danielle Barker called Starvival, a webseries that 25 episodes later finds the finale in a not so funny episode, but instead more of a raising awareness episode.

As Danielle herself says, this video is not intended to be a joke… but rather to showcase that this can happen to anyone, anywhere, and young ladies need to be careful or they may even die and she tries to get the word out and create awareness among industry peeps and vulnerable women who get sucked in by these slime-balls.

In this last episode of Starvival called The World´s Worst Sugar Daddy, Danielle travels to Los Angeles and searches on Craiglist to find a Sugar Daddy.

Seeing the episode of Starvival for the World´s Worst Sugar Daddy, of course you can see that the show still is on the same vibe as usual, upbeat and fun, but if you read a little more into it, you´ll see that there are really some weird people around and you should take care. And as the video says: “Don´t try this at home”. Never look for a Sugar Daddy on Craiglist.

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