State-Fair-Foods-travel-channelOh the fair food… tasty and spicy, good for your soul but not for your heart… not what my nutritionist would suggest, but americans flock to state fairs every year and concessioners go crazy trying to create the zaniest, most delicious, most carb-loaded, over-the-top edible concoctions. Colorado wows them with maggot melts and belly buster burgers, while Minnesotans eat everything on a stick from ostrich to alligator to casserole. Wisconsinites brag about their cream puffs and deep fried cheese creations, while the Arizona state fair dares you to try the spiciest pizza in the world. And don’t miss Iowa’s sinful sweets from chocolate dipped tiramisu to red velvet funnel cakes. But the batter-ist food is in Texas, a fair that prides itself on being the fry-dynasty of the state fair circuit by holding a competition to come up with the craziest new food inventions like deep fried bubble gum and fried spicy chicken flapjacks on a stick. Don’t tell your cardiologist about any of it!

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