Giuliana-&-Bill-Season-6-cancelled-renewed-stylePaired to the announcement of the renewal for Tia & Tamera, Style Network also renewed Giuliana & Bill for a new season. Throughout the series, Giuliana and Bill have openly struggled with their desire to have a baby, and Giuliana became an advocate for breast cancer awareness when she herself was diagnosed in Fall 2011. As season six of “Giuliana & Bill” begins on Tuesday, July 16 at 8pm ET/PT, the couple is enjoying life as they experience the world through new eyes – that of their newborn son, Duke. Although, being new parents is not without its challenges as they seek help from a sleep specialist for Duke, meet with various pediatricians and take their first international vacation as a family. The enterprising couple continues to find success in their careers, especially with their restaurant in Chicago where they look to expand to a second location. Now that they are getting into a routine, Giuliana wonders if they should have another child; however, Bill is adamant about living in Chicago – especially since he found his dream home – before taking that next step.

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