Kings was a much anticipated show premiering last week, and this week a new episode of Kings aired. If you are not into spoilers, get outta here, or stay under your own responsibility.

Summary and Spoilers for Kings 1×2 – Prosperity

After signing the peace treaty, the King’s (Ian McShane) financial backer demands a further 12 months of fighting. This forces the King to advance his troops against the enemy. The King is told by “The Preacher” (I can’t find his name) that he is no longer the anointed of God and that someone else will be chosen. We also discover the the Kings son, Jack Benjamin (Sebastian Stan), while playing the heterosexual playboy, has an eye for men. This is explained as the reason why David (Christopher Egan) was given the post of Military Liaison in preference to Jack (Sebastian Stan). David (Christopher Egan) is sent to the front lines ready to give a press conference but finds that his brother, Eli Shepherd (Dustin Kerns) is fataly wounded. After David’s brother dies, David crosses the front line to confront the line of Goliath tanks and demands peace or death. David (Christopher Egan) is told very politely that he should leave the city, but chooses not to, in favor of staying with Michelle Benjamin (Allison Miller), the King’s daughter. Upon making this decision, we learn that David (Christopher Egan) is the new ‘chosen of God’.

Author: Rangerone-4 for IMDB