Folks at Ulysses Press sent me these two coupon books so I can use with my mom and dad. I thought I could review them for you to try and see if they make for a good gift or not.
The idea of these coupon books is that you give them to your mom or your dad (or maybe your spouse from your kids), and then he/she can redeem to make any day fathers/mothers day.
The idea is funny. What´s my take on this… you are binded by a coupon contract and code of honor… what will happen if dad redeems the coupon for a car wash? You must do it… It´s a great gift, but as Spiderman´s uncle said, with great coupon gifts comes great responsibility.super-mom-resized1

My advice to you… they make for the greatest of fathers / mothers day present if you are the significant other buying the gift and giving it in the name of your kids… Oh think about the possibilities!

If you are the kid, hummm… I bet there are ways you can still give a thouoghtful present and not get caught on a Sunny Sunday afternoon mowing the lawn just because you got cashed in.resized_super_dad1

What do you think about Super Dad and Super Mom coupons? Will you be giving them as a gift? Let me know in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more book reviews.
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