A new comedy premiered on CBS called Superior Donuts. It tells the story of a little old fashioned donut shop in Chicago. The shop is owned by Arthur, a bit grumpy, a bit old, and a lot set in his own ways, as he did not change the shop since it opened in 1969. Then, one day Franco comes in asking for a job and thus becomes the one and only employee trying to shake things up a little and birng the shop to the new century.

superior donuts cbs pilot review
Of course it being a donut shop, the regulars are cops, headlined by Randy, a cop whose late father was Arthur´s best friend, her rookie partner James; Tush, who used the shop as an office, Maya, who is working on her PhD and Sweatpants, Franco´s best friend.
The cast is a solid ensemble of veteran comedians such as Judd Hirsch as Arthur, Katey Sagal as Randy DeLuca, David Koechner as Tush, Maz Jobrani as Fawz, and young funny members like Jermaine Fowler as Fanco, Darien Sills-Evans as James, Anna Baryshnikov as Maya and Rell Battle as Sweatpants.

In the pilot, Franco is eager to start working and revamping the place with some social media, and some marketing; making some funny bits at the same time when Fawz enters bringing the news that Starbucks is coming to the neighborhood and he will win tons of money because the area will raise their rents.
Then, the offer to buy the shop comes (apparently once again).

All in all, a sitcom with a great ensemble that shows promise, and I´m hoping it gets to deliver the laughs. The pilot has some funny parts and some “is it too early to tell these jokes” parts. But I´m sure it will settle in as a good Monday performer for the network.

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