Continuing our coverage of what SXSW 2016 was, now it is time to take a look at the Trade Show and some extras I want to tell you about our visit. I already told you about our experience at SXSW, and the overall review of SXSW. So, now, let´s delve into the Trade Show.

It is a big open space filled with stands and areas where different companies, universities and countries show their new technology, their products, their innovations, or their locations.

There were a couple hundred in there to say the least, so I will talk a bit about the ones who where most interesting to us.

ninja ink trade show sxsw 2016

A regular view of the image printed with Ninja Ink when no flash is used.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz

1- Pic: An awesome looking new digital camera that can get rolled on your arm, around your neck, around a teddy bear, on a bike, or wherever for first person video when you do not need the full proof extreme shock of a GoPro. It can record up to a full hour of video. Next version will have a WiFi connection, so you can use it as a streaming security baby camera for instance. This camera will be officially launched in a couple of months and will go out for $130. They weren´t for sale yet, or else I´d have one right now with me. It seemed too cool not to have one.

2- Lume Cube: This may very well be the ultimate nighttime accesory for your GoPro. A water proof cube that works as a light for your camera to be able to take night videos and shots with better quality. The ideal set up is the two Lume Cubes set as you put the GoPro in the middle and you get equal light on your video.

3- Hum On: A cute app from Samsung that lets you whistle or hum a tune, and it turns it into music. Simple enough that you don´t need to know any music to create an instrumental song. But the best part of it: You can use it on your YouTube Videos with no copyright issues, as you created it.

4- Entrim 4D: 3D and Virtual Reality were all the rage at SXSW, but the good thing about Entrim 4D is precisely that: 4D. To the VR glasses, it adds a couple of pressing points behind the ears (our equilibrium center) where it puts some electric charges to have us follow the movement. It is an improved version of VR, but it still is far away from the real experience.

5- Enomad: For all the connected travelers who enjoy the outdoors, this is a great product. A charger that gets charged by going in the water and generating hidraulic energy. Unfortunately I could not get one to do my test drive, but it really looked cool.

6- Way: Another one I should´ve brought home. A little gadget that measures the humidity of your skin just by contact, and then sends the information to your phone with tips on how to have a better skin.

7- Ninja Ink: Great one for designers and event organizers. A retroreflective ink that can only be seen when you use the flash of your camera.

ninja ink trade show sxsw 2016

Ninja Ink: When you took a picture with flash this is the result.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz

8- Taylor Guitars: Do you remember the video United Break Guitars? Well, it involved a Taylor Guitar and the band Sons of Maxwell. Now, Taylor Guitars created a gadget that tracks every problem your guitar may have, and every hit or shock it gets and records it so you know exactly when it happened.

9- Strivr Interactive: Even though this one was not part of the Trade Show, we got to experience the VR done by this company in coaching and training environment to help learn playbooks without risking injury to players. Of course the player will have to eventually get on the court. VR is not here to take over training, but it sure is making strides towards becoming a very important tool.

10: CVB Stands: There was Visit Sweden, Visit Denton, Visit San Antonio, Visit Fort Worth (Who gave us an awesome Country Rock CD), and a few others; and since we are Travel Writers, we now want to visit tons of places!

As you can see, there was a lot to see on SXSW 2016 Trade Show. Let me know your thoughts if you were there. Also you can follow me on Twitter or other social media for more scoop and travel tips.