warehouse13-syfy-press-tourSyfy is treating us journalists with a couple of days of enjoyment and access to talent. Since I am far away from Toronto and could not attend, I sent some friends to act as correspondents for Seriesandtv: Danielle Barker, the star of Starvival, and Shannon Kook from DeGrassi among other stuff.

In the event, we are going to have access to Haven and Being Human cast and crew during dinner, while being able to visit the sets of Warehouse 13 and Defiance.
Luckily I am having the chance to have this humble site covering the event. And fortunately for us, folks at Syfy hooked us up with a storify app that will help us on our live coverage of the event.

And as soon as it goes live, it will also go live here on this site too.


What would you like to ask the cast of Defiance and Warehouse 13? You could ask them by following the live coverage and live tweet with our correspondents, and even other colleagues over there in the event.
Also, you can tell me your thoughts about these shows.
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