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Lilly I'm in love with this series, i'm so obsessed with it, it's amazingly beautiful! IT CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR I WLL DIE!
Leo Love BATB! And I think if it go for this new way ( E14 &15) it will get more and more fan around the world every day! People watch it don't want a normal series "hot and cold" moments in the romance, or triangles, like we could see with Vince's ex-girlfriend! People want something new! What all people all the times wanted to see: The romance, the passion, the love between the Beauty and the Beast! When the Beast are not turned in a Prince yet! Of course we need obstacles for this romance, but not usual obstacles! I'm sure the "responsible" are looking for the fans and will give them ( us) all we want! And this means keep the series HOT and have a new season!
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