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Casonia sade Logenberry..Honk your Car to slow this crazy pushy aggressive drivers down..Fast and Driving close to your car and..it makes me feel Bummed Rushed...Alway be thoughful on the road.! Role model and showing children from all over the world that it is okay to dream and use there ideas and to let there mind go in many directions as far as thinking about the future and...Children are the future and often need to be educated to a large degree but some kids are just smart and really feel the passion for certain issues and it is built into them at birth or they just have this need to be into something that gives them joy and is so fun..It is not like work to them at all. But at this time we need the care of children and role models to show other kids positive ways to go in life.
Casonia sade Logenberry saying Hello from Seattle washington I think it is good to have this shows on to show how smart other children are and that there are goals to reach and show other children how to do it and...Learning and coming out of your shell is positive and to take this show away is taking away role models for other children to follow.