big-time-rush-cancelled-renewed-nickelodeonPre teens and teens network hits are often musicals or musical related: just as examples: High School Musical, Glee, Step On, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and so on… well, Nickelodeon´s Big Time Rush is no exception to the rule.

Therefore, Nickelodeon renews Big Time Rush for season three. Season two averaged 3.9 million viewers, and that´s a very good measure of success.

The series follows four best friends from Minnesota and their adventures while move to Los Angeles leaving hockey behind for a chance at music stardom. Everyday stories, right? Well, of course they are in the actual road to success, and viewers will have the chance to see more of them, since as I said, Nickelodeon renews Big Time Rush for season three.

Season three will consist of twenty episodes of this series that in its sophomore year averaged 3.9 million viewers.

Production of the upcoming season will start on January 2012 and the episodes will air later next year.

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