united-states-tara-cancelled-renewed-showtimeI am really catching up on all this cancelled and renewed shows info these days, after a month I was in the field doing some entertainment tourism work soon to be shown here.

But back to what matters, cancellations scoop.

June 20th marks the season finale of United States of Tara, but sadly it will also pose as series finale, since Showtime cancelled United States of Tara in its third season.

The show has been praised by critics and nabbed Emmy and Golden Globe love for the leading lady Toni Collette.

Unfortunately the numbers were just low, even for the ultra premium cable network, that saw Tara´s numbers drop from a little bit over half a million viewers in season two to a little over 300 K in its current run.

United States of Tara explores the multiple personalities of its main character, and mixed the drama with some black comedy. Why did audiences leave the show after season two is one of the big questions left in the air. The show was solid, and seemed like a sure bet at the start of the season to get a renewal order, but somewhere along the road it fell, leading to Showtime cancelling United States of Tara.

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