nurse-jackie-cancelled-renewed-showtimeAs the ying to the yang, the same day as Showtime cancelled United States of Tara in its third season, Showtime renewed Nurse Jackie for a fourth season.

Edie Falco is always on the top of her game in the show that averaged three quarters of a million viewers in its third run, and got a lot of praise for its undoubtful good quality.

Well, Showtime renewed Nurse Jackie making sure there will be a new run of our favourite nurse.

Showtime has usually good solid shows, so what will be paired up next season when United States of Tara is gone, we are very intiruged and looking forward to, but for another season, Nurse Jackie is safe, and hoping to keep building on it. My hopes are to see it come closer to its first season, don´t know about you.

Nurse Jackie gets renewed by Showtime and we´ll see season four probably in 2012 although no dates were announced yet.

What do you think about this? Are you happy Showtime renewed Nurse Jackie for a fourth season? Let me know in the comments section.

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