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Guillermo Paz onto Animated Shows
Hunter Sad news, everyone! I found out about the cancelation after I got to my office at DISH today. I enjoy Futurama, but Comedy Central made it difficult to watch with the odd split seasons they've done in the past. I really hope Futurama gets picked up by a network that will support it, but if that doesn't happen, I will still have all 7 seasons saved on my DISH Hopper DVR. It stores up to 2000 hours of recordings, so I won't have to worry about deleting Futurama to make room for something new.
Guillermo Paz onto Animated Shows
Kelly I'm absolutely thrilled it was brought back by Comedy Central! A lot of fabulous shows got cancelled this year alone and really it's sad. But hey, at least one fantastic show made it's comeback and is going strong!!!! Go Futurama! Go! :)
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Guillermo Paz onto Animated Shows
lonegnat Very happy it's back? It's even better than the Simpsons!
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