futurama-cancelled-renewed-comedy-centralWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of 2011.

What happens when a show is cancelled but audiences are raving about it. Well, most times nothing much happens; but in the case of Futurama the show got rescued from another network. Comedy Central resurfaced Futurama and gave it a 26 episode run (13 yet to air), but now Comedy Central renewed Futurama for 2 more years. It´s still to be announced if this will be season seven or seasons eight and nine, since Comedy Central tends to divide each season in two years.

That´s what I call a Phoenix show that rebirthed from its ashes. But we can simply call it, awesome news.

Futurama gets renewed for two more years by Comedy Central, and adding that to the already year to come in the makings, to start airing in June, we´ll have Futurama up until 2013.

Well, it´s time to hit the comments and tell me if you are happy Futurama got renewed for two more years or not. Will you watch the seasons to come? Let me know. And as always, remember you can follow me on Twitter to know more cancelled and renewed shows as Futurama scoop.

Futurama For The Win!