hot-in-cleveland-quotes-spoilers-s02e10-elka-lawA new episode of Hot in Cleveland called Law and Elka where Elka tries to get a not-guilty verdict at her trial; Joy becomes enmeshed in scandal when she does a favor for the first lady of Ohio.
Sherri Shepherd guest stars as Judge Lesser and boy that lady is a scene stealer. Every second from her is pure magic.

Best Quotes from Hot in Cleveland S02E10 Law and Elka

Elka: I told him: Softball is an ugly men´s game

Judge Lesser: This happened yesterday? I thought you were going to your mother´s house… as so many men do… after church… on Sundays

Kirk Stark: May I see you in chambers, Cynthia?
Judge Lesser: It´s Judge Lesser, and no you may not. Now I need a minute to process all this,so sit your lying hideous face down

Elka: Butterscotch, do your job

Victoria: In Hollywood we called that friendship

Judge Lesser: Juror number eight, are you ok?  You seem to be breathing heavy. It´s creepy and disgusting

Joy: It is juror tampering, isn´t it?
Elka: It is if you are doing it right

Elka: Justice has been serviced

Judge Lesser: What did I say about looking at me? That meesed up face is freaking me out

Victoria: I thought you tampered juror number eight
Elka: I tampered the heck out of him

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