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Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
demonstrable I'm glad it got renewed for another season. I thought it was a little slow at first but it continued to improve a lot as the season progressed.
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Sheila Great show! tired of repeat shows for summer . contests Yes!
Kyle Nolan I would make a great undercover agent b/c I'm used to pretending I'm someone I'm not--whenever I get mistaken for my twin brother, I just roll with it. :) (also liked on facebook)
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Hailey Thanks for sharing the details about Graceland! I'm actually very excited for this show, especially because it stars some of my favorite actors! I won't actually be able to watch this live when it premieres though, because of my late work schedule at DISH, but I will make sure to record the series. Luckily I do have 2,000 hours of entertainment I can store with my DISH Hopper, so among all of my other shows I'll thankfully have plenty of room to record this in June as well; I can't wait!