joan-melissa-rivers-martha-stewartMartha Stewart today had a great airing, in this episode of Martha Stewart show, Joan and Melissa Rivers mother-daughter duo and stars of WE tv’s “Joan Knows Best,” stopped by today’s edition of Martha Stewart show (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET) to dish about everything from Helena Bonham Carter’s fashion to questioning whether or not Charlie Sheen should have a reality show.  After the Rivers women admitted their lack of skill in the kitchen, Martha attempted to teach them how to make Hanger Steak, telling Joan, “You know Joan, if you learn a few dishes you may find another husband.”  The women left the shenanigans in the kitchen to discuss what Joan and Melissa know best with hilarious play-by-play on celebrity fashion, thoughts on Dancing with the Stars contestant, Kirstie Alley and Charlie Sheen’s new “cute” housemates.

Best Quotes from Joan and Melissa Rivers on Martha Stewart Show


MS:  Keep your apartment Joan!
JS: Oh Kaddafi wanted to buy it.
MS: You might get in a fight.
MR: Oh we have.
MS: Oh you have?
MR: We have trust me.
MS: You might have to move back Joan. Then, I’ll move in with you.
JR: I was going to say I’ll move in with you. I bet you have a pretty guest room. You should see hers.
MR: It’s a guest room, it’s not meant to be lived in!
MS: Don’t you think this could work out long term?
MR: No absolutely not.
JR: No way.


MS: (Showing the cooked shallots)They taste good like this. We’re going to remove these quickly.
JR:  Did you ever have Kirstie Alley as a guest on your show? Because she would just eat them raw!


MS:  Who do you think dresses really well on the red carpet?
MR: Halle Barry.
JR: Halle Barry.
MR: Always.
MS: She never looks bad.
MR: No she can make an effort to look bad.
JR: She just doesn’t miss.
MS: Do you think she chooses the dresses herself or she has help?
JR: I’m sure there’s help. There’s always help.
MS: Who doesn’t look good?
MR: Oh Leighton Meester. I like to think of her as the gift that keeps on giving.
MS: She looks goth. Is that her character?
MR: No that’s her.
MS: Oh that’s gothic.
MR:  But that’s just one of her many looks.
JR: The one that’s god sent this year is Helen Bonham Carter? That was like thank you God.
MR: That was like good karma came back to help us.
JR: That obviously tells you the voices in her head were arguing.
MS: Now do you think she has a dresser or do you think she chooses that herself?
JR: I think she chooses that herself. Did you see The Kings Speech?
MS: Oh yes.
JR: And he’s all upset because he stutters. He should be more upset because he’s married to this whacko. That’s the tragedy of that show.

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