usa-character-approved-awardsYou already should know USA Network is all about characters, and that sure seems right when you see character such as Neal Caffrey or Peter Burke on White Collar, as Burn Notice´s Michael Westen, Fiona Glennane or Chuck Finley´s alter ego Sam Ax, Psych´s Shawn and Gus, Covert Affairs´ Auggie, Kate from Fairly Legal, The Lawsons in Royal Pains, and we could go on and on about great characters on USA Networks shows.

Well, since USA is all about characters, they are presenting the Character Approved Awards to honor 12 cultural trailblazers.

As the voice on off announce in the beginning of the award honoring program: “For what they´ve done, and what they´ll do, they are character approved.”

Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke has officially been announced as the narrator of USA Character Approved Telecast.

I have to say the photography of the interviews looks great and it draws you more into the interviews, and helps you follow the fluence of the program better.

It´s strange t be drawn to an award ceremony or presentation. Specially since there is not a stand up comedian host doing it, it´s the stories from the Character Approved Award Winners.

You can check the complete list of Character Approved Awards Honorees and learn more about them there, I just wanted you to make sure that it´s good TV to watch too… and you´ll probably be able to catch it after White Collar season finale airs at USA.

Will you watch USA Network Character Approved Awards special tonight 11/10 C? Let me know your opinion on the winners and the program in the comments section.

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