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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
JohnR Howard, CEO TO T Group Productions, Invention USA TV Series. I own a Product Design Development & Prototype Model Shop. Our Specialty is translating Inventions and New Product Ideas into very cost-effective solutions designed for mass production. We build functional prototypes and provide CAD Engineering Drawings for tooling, molding and manufacturing. KDA Industrial Design has been operating since 1947 and under my ownership and Direction since 1975. I have assigned over 25 utility & design patents to my clients over the last 35 years, Royalty-Free. Please call me at 630-730-9782 cell to discuss my proposal. Thanks John Howard, CEO
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Brent I TOTALLY agree USA version SUCKS! Not just the show but the entire cast is terrible! How about Adam Carolla, Jay Leno, Charlie Sheen...now that would be funny!
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] History renews Top Gear US for season two [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
The complete list of cancelled shows for 2011 season [...] The Kennedys cancelled by History [...]
Top Gear US Preview Spoilers for Episode 103 [...] can participate in our Top Gear US Contest and Giveaway. Remember that [...]
Attila Episode 4 with the parachutist sounds pretty extreme. It looks like it will be a very exciting episode!
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Leslie Mutchler I love your show TOP GEAR. However when watching you race down a mountain road a picture came into my mind of teenagers copying you and dying. Could you address this problem on your program. Sincerely Les Mutchler 629 107th pl S W Everett ,Washington 98204 Phone 1-425-353-2058
Top Gear US Contest and Giveaway [...] at my History are launching the series premiere of Top Gear US on November 21st. And in honor of that premiere, we´ll have here at Series and TV a Giveaway Contest for all Top [...]