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Guillermo Paz onto Actors, House MD
charla bendas Absolutely do NOT want to see Dr. Chase leave! Need him to stay with the series - great character, great to look at, and terrific actor who has many film credits. ALso can't wait for the Spike Lee film. PLEASE KEEP CHASE!!!!!! I will not be as inclined to watch!
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Casonia sade Logenberry from seattle washington and saying to every one have a Delightful Wonderful outstanding day. There are Actors and Singers out there with a big Heart and wonderful souls who really care and who are there to help dig america out of the whole we are in and this Heros are strong and have feelings about what is going down around them and we have to thank the stars above for this wonderful thoughful people who take on this cause and are willing to fight for a good direction to follow.
Pulpo Yes, it´s for sure
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Espóiler de House: Cameron y Chase se casan. Ah y los dos están dables! | Está dable [...] Rapidshare a las series. Además sigo algunos blogs de Series. Hace un par de semanas leí que se separaban Chase y Cameron, pero que iba a haber un giro a eso. ¿Y cuál es el giro?  Chase y Cameron se comprometieron en [...]
Series & TV » Blog Archive » House MD Happiness: Chase and Cameron getting married! [...] getting married! April 14th, 2009 Ok, Let´s see… last week we were talking about a break up between Chase and Cameron, but that the break up would end up with a twist… well, that´s the case: Chase and Cameron [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Heroes
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Characters, House MD
jessica no don't leav...i have your picture all over my room. i love to dream about you and even call you my long lost brother...please dont get freaked out but i dont have a brother or sister and it gets pretty loenly at times. so JESSE..dont go i;ll miss you sooooo very much. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART...
Series & TV » Blog Archive » House MD Spoilers: Cameron and Chase Break Up on House [...] Is perhaps Jesse Spencer leaving House? [...]
Rose I love Hugh Laurie. The band is great but without him, I wouldn't bother. Jesse Spencer is great on violin. I just love Hugh Laurie. I have the cd/dvd and it is great. I would love to have more. I don't see me buying more though if he's out.