greg-grunberg-matt-parkman-on-heroes-photo-taken-by-milo-ventimigliaWe all know Greg Grunberg is a great guy… he´s a fan favourite at Heroes playing Matt Parkman, he´s the heart and soul of Rock Band “Band From TV” playing alongside Hugh Laurie, Bonnie Sommerville, Jesse Spencer, Adrian Pasdar and many more; he´s launching a website called and it’s all about getting the awareness out about epilepsy; he´s also an entrepreneur launching Yowza!! an idea he had to save people money by using their iPhone through signing up a bunch of retailers and getting them to offer discounts—10 percent off at Gap, 20 percent off at Barnes & Noble, free coffee at Starbucks—and offer it as a free application you use while you are in the mall, or wherever you are going to spend money. Once you use Yowza!! it’s so easy to save money, you will never spend a dime without first checking your Yowza!!” An added bonus: it couldn’t be more green — no newspaper coupons, no mailers, no paper of any kind. It’s all digital and free and already on your iPhone or iPod Touch. He created it with some guys he met on Twitter of all places.

Now he´s with a new enterprise:

Talk about it with Grunny!

Greg is auctioning off a live, half hour video chat with 100% of all proceeds to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Each year more and more people gather in D.C. to bring awareness to the third most common neurological disorder in the United States—epilepsy. The National Walk for Epilepsy has grown to an event with 8,000 participants and, over the span of two years, has raised more than $2 million dollars. Support the event today by registering to participate, making a donation, or join Greg’s team; Jake’s Crazy Brainwaves

Auction starts March 26! Visit to bid.

So… show some support to Greg Grunberg and his epilepsy fight quest.

You can register to participate, make a donation, or at least keep letting everyone know.