Unconfirmed rumours they are, but they are pointing to two characters in Lost are getting married by season finale.

According to a Hawaii-based source, Lost is currently seeking extras to play guests at a wedding on Monday. And if you’re unaware, this is season-finale shooting time, give or take a few production days, so this wedding (if it happens) could very well be a key plot point, not just some throwaway background moment.

Lost weddings are few and far between—we’ve seen Jack and Sarah’s (Julie Bowen) nuptials and the day Kate got hitched to Kevin Callis (Nathan Fillion)—so we know that every such scene has major import for the series, right?

Who could be getting married? Is it Dharma lovers Juliet and Jim? Could Jack and Kate be unbreaking their engagement?

Maybe Juliet and Jack? Maybe a flashback wedding from Ben? Maybe a flash forward of Aaron and Ji Yeon? God only knows… well, the cast and crew of Lost also…

Who do you think the wedding in Lost is?