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Doc I think it'd be most cool if in a season 5 the world isn't saved, but rather totally goes to shit. How? Hah, I'm no writer..
hero IF the American executives actually grow a pair of balls to produce a Season Five of Heroes, then make sure you sack every single crap season 4 writer that didn't conceive the original series so we can get back on track and actually save the world and show hero to be the best he can be....
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Niche It doesn't get any cuter than Grunny.
Pulpo Just to let you all know that Greg Grunberg tweeted this post with the following: Greg Grunberg: Best. Award Show. Ever. I'd like to thank the academy: http://alturl.com/qyjc Link to Greg Grunberg tweet: http://twitter.com/greggrunberg/status/7599378264
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larry blackstock would love to be apart of the show
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Casonia sade Logenberry from seattle washington and saying to every one have a Delightful Wonderful outstanding day. There are Actors and Singers out there with a big Heart and wonderful souls who really care and who are there to help dig america out of the whole we are in and this Heros are strong and have feelings about what is going down around them and we have to thank the stars above for this wonderful thoughful people who take on this cause and are willing to fight for a good direction to follow.
Pulpo Yes, it´s for sure
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zyprexa zyprexa Incredible site!
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Pulpo Thanks for the info
Kethni At the London Excel Convention in October during the Heroes panel Grunny had the audience yell 'Talk about it!' and videoed us to put on the website. I *think* it's an epilepsy awareness website but I could be wrong.