We wanted to make sure to visit Wet ´n Wild in Orlando before the Last Splash, as it is going to be torn down to become a mega hotel. After all, its International Drive location makes it for top notch prime real estate. So, you have the chance to visit Wet ´n Wild Orlando until December 31st 2016. And we did, and here´s our experience.

Is it the same kind of theme park as those of Universal Studios or Disney? No! This is completely a water park. In SeaWorld, Disney and Universal you may get wet or even soaked in some rides. In this one you will be doing thrills in a beachlike / Swimming Pool environment.
The rides are shorter than the rides on theme parks.
You are your own cart so the rides may be scarier and filled with more adrenaline than the theme parks and rollercoasters.

visitin wet ´n wild orlando lastsplash

The only good kind of Brain Wash.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz

Which kind of rides and attractions are in Wet ´n Wild?

Mostly two kinds: The filled with adrenaline rush where you fall down the tubes in a mat, in inflatables or by yourself.
Then, there are those quieter: The Zero Entry pool with waves; a nice relaxing area you can have the beach experience and even get some sealike waves; the Lazy River, an O shaped pool with a soft current that you float around while chilling; and the kid friendly area, called Blastaway Beach.

wet ´n wild orlando

At Blastaway Beach the little ones will have a great time.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Some Tips and Guidelines to visit Wet ´n Wild

  • Even though there is no dress code, and you will be in a swimming pool / beach environment you should take some considerations regarding your attire: It´s a Family friendly atmosphere; so refrain from thongs and dental floss, and refrain from sungas and bananahammocks. My girlfriend recommend one piece swimsuits as to avoid any mishap with your top if you bring a bikini. For guys my recommendation is that the shorts are not too baggy, as the gravity and velocity will surely pull a wedgie on you on the rides that you are on your own.
  • You can wear a TShirt on top of your swimsuit if you are more comfortable that way. A good option for that are those with either Dry Fit material or Rash Guard.
  • You can either use flip flops or water sneakers, but I really ended up going barefoot all day, as you cannot ride with them on, and you will end up having to go all around searching for your shoes.
  • Bring a dry outfit for when you go after the whole day, as to avoid colds or weting your car or your rental.
  • There are lots of lockers you can rent during the day and open them as many times as you want. Prices vary according to the size of the locker. We were two people and brought extra clothes and towels and water and the camera kit for our coverage, and we needed a medium one.
  • There is no need to know how to swim to enjoy the rides, as except for the swimming pool, the rest are not to swim, but to ride and drop. You need more courage than ability 😀
  • You will need anywhere from 3 hours to a full day to enjoy Wet ´n Wild. It depends on how many times you want to do each ride, and how long you want to lay on the beach or the pool.

All in all, it is a pity that Wet ´n Wild is closing at year´s end, but if you have the opportunity to visit, don´t hesitate. You will have a great time. Let me know your thoughts and help me on this farewell to the park in the comments. Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more Travel Tips and Reviews.