In this article I am going to review our stay at Coco Key Water Resort in Orlando, continuing our coverage of Orlando, we are going to present another option for a hotel stay with a completely different profile of Lake Buena Vista Resort & Spa that I reviewed earlier.

First things first: Location, location, location. Being in the heart of International Drive it puts this hotel very close to everything in Orlando, just minutes away from Universal Studios, Premium Outlets, iFly, Ripley´s Museum, Wonder Works, The Orlando Eye, many stores and dining options, and just steps away from the Pirate´s Dinner Adventure venue and The Titanic Exhibition, among tons of other things.

coco key water resort orlando hotel review

Coco is the star at Coco Key Water Resort in Orlando.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz

This reason makes Coco Key Water Resort a great option if you don´t want or can´t rent a car to move around Orlando, or if you are renting a car but don´t want to be driving every single day.

Coco Key Water Resort Orlando Room Tour and views

A great way to get to know a hotel before attending, and to see wether online reviews are true or not is doing a room tour; so we did a little Room Tour video about the room we got at this resort, and then we will talk a little bit about what you can see in it.

As you can see in the video, the room is pretty big and comfortable, the bathroom is quite ok also, and it has a living room next the room in which you can sit and relax on the couch in front of the TV, or you can seat at the table in the dining area. It has a coffemaker, a placard, a safe, and several drawers to store everything you bring. Only thing could be better is the fridge size, especially if you are a family staying there.

Coco Key Water Park:

A great addition! If you are on a family vacation this sure comes handy; as you have extra activities for sure with this one. You don´t need to spend on tickets to do activities every single day, as you can have your kids stay in for a day or two and enjoy the four pools and rides there are.

coco key water resort orlando hotel review

Thrills for the guests at Coco Key Water Resort.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Some of the pros of this water resort as an option:

  • You won´t have to spend on attractions every single day of the vacation, as you can stay in and have lots of fun.
  • There is no need for transportation to get to the water park if you are staying at the hotel.
  • You can sleep in and still enjoy several hours of the park; you can also go take a nap and come back.
  • You can lay down, sunbathe or just relax while the little ones are enjoying themselves.
  • During all operating hours there are two lifeguards per pool.
  • That much water gets kids very tired, so probably you won´t have any kind of trouble getting them to sleep at night.
coco key water resort orlando hotel review

The Parrot´s Perch, a kids favorite to stay all day playing and having fun.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Exclusive Swimming Pool and Hot Tub for guests

There is a separate swimming pool with Hot Tub for those who want a little more quiet time relaxing. Of course, it is still a family friendly hotel, and a water park filled with kids; so don´t expect spa silence; just quieter than the park.
Interesting to note, the swimming pool is accesible so everyone can enjoy.

Pictures and activities with Coco

Every day there are some moments when Coco appears and takes pictures with guests, and every day there are different planned activities, either for kids or for the whole family.

The Game Room

There is a big game room with arcades, air hockeys, bowling games, shooting hoops and many more. In the pic you will see laser room that kids can enter and try to cross avoiding laser sensors and feel like spies or in an action movie.

coco key water resort orlando hotel review

A big game room for the kids and families.

In Property Stores:

Even though Coco Key Water Resort is in a very convenient location with stores all around, there are some options within the complex: a mini market, a restaurant and a tiki bar.


I-Ride: You can take these buses designed mainly for tourists. There are two lines: Red and Green. You can get 14 days passes for 18 bucks and go all around International Drive.
Theme Park Shuttles: The Resort offers free shuttles to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure; Wet ´N Wild, SeaWorld and Aquatica. You need to select your departure time, pick up a voucher at the front desk and you are set to go. We took the first Shuttle at 7 AM and were at Universal a little bit before 7:30 to be firsts in line. There are also Shuttles to Disney but they have an aditional cost.
Walking Around: Orlando is a tough place to walk, as it is huge and everything is miles and miles away. Except for I-Drive. We even came back from Universal walking and it took us around 45 minutes to do so.

Who should stay at Coco Key Water Resort?

Families with kids, especially if under 10.
Those who do not want to rent a car during an Orlando vacation.
Those who want a good location near everything.
Those who are trying to squeeze activities on tight budgets, as they can add one or two days of water parks included.

Do take notice that this is a Resort, so you will need to add a 24 bucks Resort Fee that will give you access to the park, get you complimentary water and some other perks.

We had a very early flight so we needed to check out at around 4AM and the front desk was readily available, and the check out process is smooth.

I hope this article is helpful to you if you plan on visiting Orlando. You can also follow me on Twitter or other social media for more Travel Tips and Hotel reviews.