Orlando is one of the top ten US cities to go shopping, so probably if you are on a vacation there, you´ll want to take a look at all the shopping options, so I´m going to try and do a little overview of the best places to go shopping while at Orlando.
There are many more options than the ones I´m going to comment about, but those are the ones I visited.

Mall at Millenia
It is a huge Mall we could see from the highway while driving here and there from park to park. It has the biggest names in clothing and apparel store as Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Burberry and many many more, but also has some Department Stores as Neiman Marcus and Macy´s. Also, there are other branded stores as Godiva, Sony, Rolex to name a few. It is not necessarily a discount paradise, but rather a find whatever you are looking for paradise. If you plan on savings hunting, you´ll do better elsewhere, but if you want quality products and everything for all that matter. A good three hours and you could easily stay there looking around.

Orlando Fashion Square:
It is a bit farther apart from the main circuit you´ll be visiting, so I really recommend going with a GPS. Prices are lower than those at Mall at Millenia, so you can probably catch more savings and discounts. A very good option there is JC Penney.

Premium Outlets Orlando:
The star of shopping in Orlando. Anything you want, and savings galore. We mostly focused on the one named International Drive, as it is the bigger of the two. Thanksgiving was close to mayhem, so we decided to go the following day. Still amazing discounts, incredible offers, and a whole lot of things to choose from. A full day may not even be enough to quench your buying thirst.
Plan ahead before visiting; try to prioritize which stores you want to take a look at. Ask for the stores map and mark in them the offers you´d like to circle back afterwards.
Don´t get set on the first offer you find, that´s why the map comes handy. You can make cross references and then decide.
Wear Comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be a long time in there.
Ask for the prices, sometimes the discounts are faster than the possibility of the employees to change the stickers.

Bonus Tip: Supermarkets and other big stores.

Do not dismiss Target, Wal-Mart and Best-Buy. You´ll get great findings if you look deep enough.

I hope this article helps you planning your vacations in Orlando Florida. Let me know in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more about Visiting Orlando.

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