A new show just premiered on NBC following Undateable Live (which by the way I am loving this season).
The plot synopsis for Truth Be Told says it all: If you can think it, they will most likely say it in this unabashed new comedy about two diverse couples – Mitch (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, “Saved by the Bell”) and Tracy (Vanessa Lachey, “Dads”), and Russell (Tone Bell, “Bad Judge”) and Angie (Bresha Webb, “Hung”) – a fearless foursome who are both neighbors and best friends. As they navigate through life side by side, they can’t help but analyze and obsess about everything. From sex and race to anything else your parents told you never to talk about, absolutely no topic is out of bounds for this wildly outspoken group.
So now I watched the premiere of the show…

As it appears nothing is off limits in this show, they tend to be psuhing the boundaries of political correctness in this one.
Problem is, if you are going to do it, they need to do it right. Mark Paul-Gosselaar and Tone Bell are quite funny and have good chemistry, the show even has some good bits, but I am really not sure if this is a show that can stick in this sitcom format. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Truth Be Told are my bets for shows that won´t get a second season. But I may be wrong. I´ll give it a couple more episodes though and see if it settles.

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