Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Continuing with my coverage on the best things to do while on vacation in Orlando, Florida, I will talk a bit about a night activity, to check out when wanting to dine out.
Pirate´s Dinner Adventure. Such a fun night! The show is on a huge building that inside has a pirate´s ship and bridges, and cannons and everything you would want to see in a pirates show. You, as the audience sit around the pool in which the ship is in, in a 360 degrees stage.

The Menu is quite good, the night we went it was soup or salad as a starter, an entree of chicken with lots of greens and a piece of cake as dessert. Nothing to write home about, but you are there for the show and the food, while not spectacular, was quite good and tasty. Make sure to let the staff know if you are celebrating someone´s birthday as there are some special surprises for the ones celebrating.

But enough chit chat, let´s talk about the show… It has everything! Acrobatics, Humor, Skills, Sword Fights, Fistycuffs, and a lot of audience participation, both from kids and adults.
That is what turns this a particularily enjoyable show. We can all become pirates for a while. My biggest advice is that you should go willing to participate as you will have lots of fun. I ended up being a volunteer to become a Pirate and they had me acting a scene with the Captain and other pirates, where I needed to go down and up and really had a great laugh.
One important thing… if English is not your mother tongue and you are not very proficient, you will understand the show quite well anyways. So this is a show for everybody to enjoy.

About the overall experience: For the whole family it is very enjoyable. If you have kids do not miss it. Every kid willing gets to be a pirate for a little while.

Pirate´s Dinner Adventure - Orlando Florida

Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

Now, #MyOrlandoStory about Pirate´s Dinner Adventure: I am from Argentina, and since later that trip we were going to watch an NBA game in which Manu Ginobili´s Spurs were going to play against the Orlando Magic, I asked my brother for an Argentinian flag so I could take to the game for Manu to see me and wave hello. Well, my brother also gave me a Belgrano de Córdoba flag. that is a soccer team from my hometown. Since they are called the “Pirates” I decided to give as an offering to the Pirate´s Captain when I was invited to meet him. Since we were going to take a pic, I took out the flag, and started explaining the Captain about the story of the club and how they are the Pirates and all, and I gave him the flag. Like it was a ceremonial offering we were very solemn and the Captain was visibly moved. He thanked me a lot, and he decided it would be held on the Pirate´s museum outside the show´s stage. Now next time I go visit I must see if it is still hanging… If you folks are visiting there, please, let me know if it´s still hanging!

I hope this article helps you planning your vacations in Orlando Florida. Let me know in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more about Visiting Orlando.

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