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Continuing my coverage of how to enjoy vacations in Orlando, Florida. Another huge attraction in Orlando is without a doubt SeaWorld, as it combines rollercoasters and mechanical games, Live Shows, and a lot of SeaLife and Aquarium like attractions. Since my schedule of things to do was so huge, I only managed to squeeze the visit to SeaWorld during Thanksgiving Day and needed to leave early to go to Amway Center and watch an NBA Game. Now, there´s so much to see at SeaWorld, that my advice would be to not do exactly what I did. The best option while taking a two week vacation in the Orlando area during any major holiday would be to leave an attraction such as Legoland for that day. I had to skip a couple of the Live Shows that I would´ve loved to see.

But let´s get into business and go to the matter why we are all gathered here about… to talk about the best things about SeaWorld.

Of course I should open by saying that ot has something for every member of the family, making it a very good family vacation spot. But into more details…

1- The Rollercoasters and games:

SeaWorld has two of the most tremendously potent rollercoasters in Orlando: Manta and The Kraken, so if you like the adrenaline you need to be there. There´s also one about Atlantis where you´ll end up soaking wet and a kids area called Shamu Harbor. Also, you can play tons of fair-style game to win prizes.

2- The Live Shows:  
One Does Not Simply miss Shamu´s show when at SeaWorld. But there are several. As I said, time constraints made it impossible for us to stick and check out all of the Live Shows, but they are definitely worth to take a look.

3- The Animals:
Of course one of the most beutiful things to do at SeaWorld is watching the animals. I had the chance to touch and feed sharks and Mantarays, as well as give fish to the Seals, but there are tons and tons of animals to enjoy. The Aquarium area is also gorgeous and you can get under the water and watch the fishes and sharks swim around. Being my nickname “The Octopus” I got to visit every single Octopus there.

4- Other Exhibits:
You can see live pearl fishing by mermaids, and there are also some seasonal exhibitions. You can decide what to visit and what to skip especially on time constraints and preferences. But there´s something for everybody.

5- The Educational Value:

There are a lot of things that you can learn about while also doing fun activities. So If you are traveling to Orlando with kids, SeaWorld must be added to your To-Do List.

I hope this article is helpful for your next trip to Orlando. Let me know in the comments section, and also, if you want to see more of my coverage about Visiting Orlando, you can subscribe or follow me on Twitter.


Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

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