You know how when you visit Disney World, EPCOT Center, or Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, to only name a few, you´ll spend all day? Well, it´s time to take a look at some attractions you can visit when in Orlando, so you can squeeze in a few in the same day, or you can take a more relaxed day, or mix it with your shopping day. So let´s talk about Wonder Works and the Outta Control Comedy Dinner, both taking place in the same venue, making it a good option.


Photo Credit: Florida Hottest Places

Wonder Works is a museum of odd things, rarities and mind-blowing experiences. You will find in there very curious artifacts, but also some scientifically made stuff that will make every one in the family enjoy. There is one corridor that will make you dizzy that is a must! There are lots of games, physics experiments. One that was particularily interesting was a “bucket” of water at the same temperature the water was when the Titanic sank. How long would you endure? I´d recommend to alloting maybe 2 to 4 hours to spend in there, depending on how deep you want to check everything out.

The Outta Control Comedy Dinner is held in the back of the museum, in a place called Shazam. Lots of interaction between the magician / comedian and the audience. Sure, it´s no Criss Angel, but you will have a very good time and have fun. You´ll laugh and you´ll have a good time. The dinner in itself is in long community tables for 10 people. You will get salad as a starter, unlimited pizza and cake as dessert. It´s not something to write home about, but it is good pizza, good salad and good cake, and penny by penny you couldn´t ask for better.

You can buy a ticket for the museum only, for the dinner only, or a package deal for both.

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