When you visit Orlando, the experiences don´t end in the theme parks and the nightlife in the streets and attractions. Going to dinner is also an experience in itself. I´ve already told you about My Orlando Story when visiting Pirate´s Dinner Adventure, and the Outta Control Comedy Dinner. So now I´ll tell you all about when we went to the Sleuths Mystery Dinner in Orlando.


– This is a mystery dinner in which you will need to solve a crime, all whil ebeing entertained by a group of actors doing improv on a Sherlock-style story.
– You will be seated in group tables with other members of the audience to dine, and you will become the crime solving team. Since most of the people who were there were couples, every table consisted on three or four couples teaming up. Good excuse to make new friends.
– Even though solving the crime is the main focus, it is just an excuse to have a good time and laugh when the actors improvise and make the audience interact.
– The food for the dinner was excellent, including a cold starter, a nice piece of chicken with vegetables, and a very tasty key lime pie as dessert.
– The stage is very close to everybody since it is a regular restaurant-sized room where the actors will go around the tables.
– Even if you are not an English Speaker as your first language you will understand everything, as the actors put special effort in enunciating properly in British Accents.
– You can solve the crime and get a badge certifying you solved it.
– The Souvenir Photo is a must. Every attraction offers you the souvenir photo. We did not purchase any except for this one, as they give you the photo and then also two keychains with the same photo, and that was a great gift when coming back (one to my mom, one to my girlfriend´s mom).
– The lobby: Oh boy the lobby! Frank and Mike from American Pickers would have a blast there.
– How to get there: A little note here. The GPS will take you to Ripley Museum. Do not despair. Sleuths Mystery Dinner is in the same complex behind the Museum.

All in all, you will be glad of the money well spent. Good food, good fun, good times. A great option to visit after a day at SeaWorld for instance, as you´ll be leaving that park in time to get to the dinner and you won´t be too tired.
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