house jesse spencer robert chase leavingThis year Olivia Wilde “Thirteen” left House for some time due to her presence in Cowboys and Aliens, a sci fi film being produced.

And this time Spikee Lee snatched Jesse Spencer for a leading role in his upcoming film “The Girl is in Truble”. Does this mean Jesse Spencer is leaving House? Does this mean Dr Robert Chase is leaving Princeton Plainsboro?

Apparently not at all…

Jesse Spencer leaving House MD won´t happen for the time being, since producers and writers are trying to adjust to his filming schedule so that Dr Chase leaving House is a non issue.

Katie Jacobs explained Michael Ausiello that “We have not written him out at all. We have done everything we can do to adjust our schedule to allow him to do this. He’s by no means out of the season or even out of any episodes.”

But one still has to wonder if Jesse Spencer is leaving House or not, since last year marked the departure of both Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde, also marking Amber Tamblyn inclusion on the show.

What do you think? Are you afraid Jesse Spencer leaves House? Do you want Dr Robert Chase to leave House MD?

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