hannah killed dead pretty little liars spoilerAnyone who saw the last episode of Pretty Little Liars must have been asking that question when the episode ended.

Is Hannah dead on PLL? Did A. kill Hannah?

Well… let´s see… good thing about it is that she is one of the main characters, so, chances are she´s not dying.
Another argument agains Hannah´s death on Pretty Little Liars is that she´s listed on the 21 episodes of the season shot so far. So… that´s another thing that lets us know she´s staicking around… but can she be another ghost alas Allison?

Again, I seriously doubt it.

Third argument against Hannah´s death on Pretty Little Liars: “She´s the character that most grew up”, according to Marlene King, executive producer of the show.

But… she may lose her memory on the incident as to who A is… perhaps… though I don´t see the show getting so gimmicky. Maybe fear is a better choice as to why she doesn´t say who A is.
Or… maybe, just maybe, the showing of Ian in the last frames of the episode are a turning point in which the show will now become more about helping Toby out of prison, and proving Ian is the killer.

What do you think? Do you think Hannah gets killed at Pretty Little Liars? Did A kill Hannah on PLL? Is Hannah dead or not?
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