covert affairs sendhil ramamurthy spoiler interview jai wilcoxCovert Affairs is one of the newest bets by USA Network. A network currently having a couple of my favourite shows such as Burn Notice and White Collar. Therefore, when a new show starts in that network it´s worth to give it a look.
And that´s what we did with Covert Affairs, a show that turned out to be a very pleasant confirmation of the talent involved in USA Network and in the show.
Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Peter Gallagher, Kari Matchett and a great cast including former “Hero” Sendhil Ramamurthy who plays Jai Wilcox on Covert Affairs, which airs on Tuesdays at 10/9 Central on USA Network.

In a Q&A with Sendhil Ramamurthy we got the chance to ask him a lot of questions, some of them I put here for you to read.

Answering to a question from Matt Carter Sendhil said: “my character, Jai Wilcox is a second generation CIA man.  His father, Henry Wilcox, was the Head of Clandestine Services, so he’s CIA royalty, basically.  And, as we’ll find out in Tuesday’s episode, I don’t want to give too much away, there’s some baggage that comes with being Henry Wilcox—my character’s father’s name is Henry Wilcox—there’s some baggage that comes with being his son and it kind of permeates through the CIA.  So, you see how Jai kind of has to deal with that.

He kind of has two father figures in his life.  He’s got his real father, Henry Wilcox, and then he’s got Arthur Campbell, played by Peter Gallagher, who is somebody who, obviously, he looks up to and respects and he wants to impress the both of them and impress everybody else in his own right.  I think it’s very important for Jai to feel that he is there at the CIA doing a good job on his own merit, not just because he’s Henry Wilcox’s son or because Arthur Campbell trusts him with specific clandestine operations that not a lot of people know about.  So, the relationship with Arthur is definitely, you know, he’s my boss and I look to impress him at every turn that I can.”

Then, answering to a question from Melissa Lowery he gives us a Covert Affairs spoiler on Annie and Jai relationship.

“I think one of the best things about this show is that all the relationships are really complicated.  It’s kind of the best thing that was written in the pilot is the note that the Ben Mercer character leaves for Annie’s character.  It says, “The truth is complicated.”  And that doesn’t just apply to Annie and Ben.  That certainly applies to Annie and Jai as well.

Like I said, everything is not what it seems when you meet Jai and Annie and the audience knows that Arthur has told him to get close to Annie in any way possible.  And you kind of see a few different tacks that Jai takes to kind of accomplish his mission and then he can try and go the romantic way, he can try and go the professional way; there are a few different avenues and Jai is pretty crafty and he kind of tries whatever works in certain situations.

And I think that’s all well and good, but in the end Jai and Annie, they’re not robots.  There are emotions, there are feelings and when you get close to somebody it can complicate something that you want to just be a mission.  So, we’ll see.  I have to be honest, I’m curious to see where it goes because I don’t know yet.”

What did you think about this Sendhil Ramamurthy interview about Covert Affairs, with some Covert Affairs spoilers in it?

Also, Thanks to Terry Goldman at Electric Artists for the invite to the Q&A.

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