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Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs
Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs
Beth T. Man, this is hard. I read all the other entries and thought, "Oh, yeah, that was a great one." My favorite Auggie moment is when he hands Annie the picture of him and his buddies playing football, just before he was blinded, and tells her the story, and then explains why he carries the picture with him. So moving, and so honest--so Auggie.
Kaitlan Heaton My favorite Auggie moment would have to been from this season. It was in episode 3.09 to be exact. It was when Annie was in the hospital after being shot. Auggie is sitting by her bed and he says to Annie " I need you Annie, I never need anyone but I need you." It was just so simple and raw that it really touched your soul. You truly felt Auggie's love for Annie at that moment. Which is a side of Auggie that we never get to see. He is always trying to hold in his emotions, but in this scene you get to see a piece of his heart that is so guarded. Which was pure perfection. I also tweeted, pinned, and Facebook liked. :)
Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs
Judy bias I can not wait until the new season starts
evenlike didn't deserve it
Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs
Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs
Guillermo Paz onto Covert Affairs, Maps and Locations
J there was an episode filmed at the Downsview Park hangars in Toronto. forgot which though
Alcatraz Fan Map: Complete List of Filming and Storyline Locations on the show [...] can check out the past maps I did: Storage Wars map and Covert Affairs Maplast [...]
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Travis M I think they will work Ben back in somehow early on next season, also at some point Auggie is going to have to make some kind of romantic choice involving Annie.